A Little More About Our Team

There’s no “big agency attitude” here! We’ve got the schooling, the real-world experience and the know-how to get the job done right but bragging isn’t our game. We would much rather brag about your success stories than ours. However, for those of you who are still curious about what makes us tick…this page is dedicated to you.

Yonilee and Radha, Co-Founders of Moonlight Marketing Group Moonlight Marketing Group LLC was formally established in early 2004 by a couple of friends who knew businesses should be founded on rules of integrity rather than the path to the quickest dollar. They’d seen the way many small and medium business owners struggled to find marketing assistance only to be turned away when their pockets weren’t deep enough. By keeping overhead low and pricing fair, Moonlight Marketing Group continues to be the “go-to” agency for a wide variety of local business owners who share their attitude for success.

Yonilee - Marketing Consultant & Managing Partner

Co-founder Yonilee holds a BS in Journalism and a MBA with Marketing Concentration. She has over 15 years experience in executive level marketing management and advertising related services. Prior to co-founding Moonlight, she worked as a Marketing Executive for Time Warner with responsibilities that included creating marketing campaigns for nationally recognized affiliates, local charities and internal customer-relations departments. She’s won a variety of industry awards for her marketing initiatives and customer-service incentive campaigns.

Fun Fact: Yonilee has predicted every American Idol winner since its debut.

Radha - Creative Director & Design Consultant

Co-founder Radha holds a BFA in Fine Art with a Concentration in Graphic Design. Over the last 10 years Radha successfully built a high demand freelance career. Prior to co-founding Moonlight, she was also managing partner of Box of Rocks Creations, a local pottery studio. For four years before that was she headed up the design team for a Chicaland Web firm, which grew from 25 to over 200 clients in the time she was there. Her committment to knowing her clients and knack for establishing meaningful visual connections has won her multiple awards and has gotten her published in two national magazines.

Fun Fact: Radha once beat out 5 guys in a Guinness chugging contest.

Stacy -Art Director

Stacy holds a BS in Fine Arts with Graphic Design Concentration. She has over 17 years experience in advertising and graphic design related services. Prior to joining Moonlight she worked as “artist-extraordinaire” for a variety of publications including Sarasota Magazine, The Observer Group, The Sarasota Herald Tribune and The St. Pete Times. Her art has garnered multiple NAA, Florida Press and ADDY awards.

Fun Fact: Stacy claims to know all the words to every Disney “princess” movie.

Frank - Cinematographer & Media Production Specialist

We’re excited to recommend the services of Alive Productions. Frank specializes in broadcast commercials, 3d/2d animation, DVD production and documentaries. He’s documented several overseas missions in war-torn Kosovo and is currently working on a short film project entitled “The Window.” Several of his commercial productions have been viewed by over 7-million national consumers.

Fun Fact: Frank can name every character and/or special guest character ever to appear on The Simpsons.

Pete - Art Consultant & Web Developer

Pete has been working as a designer and web developer for over a decade. He oversaw a team of designers for a large web firm for a two and a half years before moving on to work on large scale web applications for Motorola. His expertise is in web site design, coding and optimization, but he is also accomplished at marketing and promotion, including direct mail and online promotions.

Fun Fact: Pete is an accomplished vocalist and currently serves as frontman for both a folk and a hardcore rock band.

Ginger - Special Projects Director

Ginger holds a BFA from The Ringling College of Art & Design and brings over 12 years of advertising expertise to the team. During her 7-year tenure as Director of Operations for JD Thomas Company, Ginger serviced many high-profile clients including Mckesson Pharmacy Systems, Crain Communications, Zondervan Publishing House, Peerless Lighting and Gerber Baby Care. Her specialties include creative conceptualization, editorial layout & design, graphic design and account management.

Fun Fact: Ginger’s desk drawer is always filled with delicious chocolates... Just in case of emergency.

"I am not the same
having seen the moon
shine on the other
side of the world."

- Mary Anne